Streamline Healthcare

A 1 of 1 healthcare technology platform gets a standout brand


Streamline Healthcare is the only electronic health records (EHR) platform developed specifically for behavioral health and human services. The company’s sole, passionate focus is to provide the technology platform that enables outstanding, accessible care and better outcomes. To mark their 20th anniversary, Streamline wanted an all-new brand for the company and its SmartCare™ EHR.

And they needed it ahead of their biggest industry convention appearance of the year. Hustling to make a tight turnaround, we developed a brand that stands alone in the stodgy, blue-tinged realm of healthcare technology.

What’s in a name?

The word streamline denotes simplicity and efficiency. It’s about removing or circumventing the inessential and cumbersome. It also denotes forward movement: a yogi’s warrior pose; the air rushing around a bird in flight; a river finding—or creating—a path through granite mountains.

As it pertains to software, it’s how users expect it to work: everything they need and nothing to get in the way. The flexibility to meet their evolving needs, and the robustness to meet them every day. When developing the new Streamline brand, we sought to evoke intuitive, powerful workflows and frictionless access to the information healthcare workers need to keep their patients cared for—and their practices running.

A collage of the Streamline Healthcare website on laptop and mobile devices

Brand book

Streamline Healthcare brand book
A 360º circular tradeshow banner for Streamline Healthcare

A splashy debut

In 2023, Streamline debuted the new brand at a major industry conference. Along with digital assets like their website, we created graphics and video content for their tradeshow booth to show off the new look and feel in a dramatic setting. Finally, we equipped their in-house sales and marketing team with on-brand collateral, a messaging framework, and a visual vocabulary to support their ongoing needs.

The entire effort was the result of a collaborative creative process, inspired by Streamline’s mission to advance the lives of the patients they serve. The company doesn’t call Streamline users “customers”—they’re “partners.” We feel the same way.

The rebrand and unveiling was a huge success. I can’t think everyone enough for your creativity, hard work, excellent customer service, and patience.
Dennis McSweeney, VP Marketing


Brand intro

As the only EHR built for behavioral health and human services, Streamline needed brand assets to clearly explain what makes them unique. We used an elegant industry metaphor and visual device to show the Streamline difference.