Pokémon GO

Making art for Earth's most valuable franchise


Pokémon is the most valuable franchise in history. Its official mobile game, Pokémon GO, is a viral phenomenon that’s still growing, with over 100 million engaged users (called “Trainers”) worldwide.

Niantic Labs trusts Lineage to maintain the property’s high brand standards as we work, and play, in the ever-expanding world of Pokémon. As an official agency partner of Niantic, we produce hundreds of original videos, graphics, and animations for Pokémon GO’s global social platforms.

Our creative work keeps Trainers engaged when they’re not playing the game, generating measurable results and passionate discussion across channels and around the world.

Featured Animation

For the annual GO Fest event, we developed this video to announce the long-awaited in-game debut of Team GO Rocket.

In the wild