Kobalt XTR

High-performing tools, high-performing campaign


In 2019, our client Lowe’s developed a premium expansion to their best-selling Kobalt 24-volt cordless power tools. The new lineup would feature substantially more power and a much longer battery life—perfect for Kobalt’s devoted “heavy DIY” customers.

By early 2020, the XTR collection was ready for launch.

As the agency of record for Kobalt, Lineage prepared a multi-pronged social media campaign aimed squarely at the brand’s biggest fans.

We supported the XTR release with a strategy that included original video, motion graphics, new photography, and elevated artwork worthy of a high-performance product.

Our campaign built measurable excitement for the launch, affirming our overall approach to the brand’s marketing and yielding valuable insights about the new products.


XTR launch

What’s better than power tools? Power tools with more power.


But first, the collection needed a name. Working with Lowe’s, we developed options, then surveyed the brand’s social media audience and an additional large cohort of home improvement shoppers.

Survey analysis revealed “XTR” to be the audience favorite, scoring high across positive characteristics—including purchase intent.

With that name in mind, we devised a campaign targeted at the heavy-DIY audience Kobalt wanted to reach.

With Kobalt fans already speculating on the forthcoming release, we created a series of teasers to build hype ahead of the official launch.

Our post-launch videos, both organic and paid, combined for a 62% higher completion rate than non-XTR content over the campaign period. And while the 24V collection usually leads all Kobalt tool categories in social media engagement, the XTR campaign cleared that bar, too.

By The Numbers

In the comments

The audience reaction to the campaign told us a great deal about the products and content Kobalt customers like best.

Based in part on those findings, Kobalt is now expanding the XTR collection. We’re ready to support new product launches with campaigns that build on our ongoing success.

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