Jason Wu

Rethinking fragrance promotion for one of fashion’s freshest voices


When international fashion sensation Jason Wu debuted his first-ever perfume, the promotion needed to go beyond the ordinary.

Wu felt that fragrance advertising had become stale and repetitive, relying on trite scenarios, overt sexuality, and been-there-done-that visuals.

Lineage was tapped to develop a holiday campaign around the new scent. We worked with the designer on a more personal, imaginative approach to fragrance promotion—and created a storybook world where high fashion meets high art.

Our studio developed a storyline, an original look and feel, and multiple animated vignettes that became The World of Wu.


Featured video

“The World of Wu” depicts Jason Wu’s journey as a designer from childhood to adulthood, beginning with the inspiration he drew from his grandmother in Taiwan.

Our art promoted the fragrance line across social media for the 2019 holiday season. Jason was thrilled with the work—as was Parlux, the global fashion distributor behind the campaign.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the designer and distributor, “The World of Wu” became more than just a product promotion. Lineage helped realize an artistic statement from Wu himself.