They don't want no scrubs: attention-grabbing campaigns for an industry leader

FIGS logo

Scrub in

Wildly popular healthcare apparel brand FIGS has changed the way medical professionals dress with antimicrobial, anti-odor, stain-repellent uniforms and scrubs in a variety of chic styles and cuts. In the last decade, FIGS has exploded from a self-funded business peddling product in hospital parking lots to disrupting—and leading—a $10 billion industry. We supported them with campaigns around hotly anticipated new releases, which their loyal customers celebrate like sneakerheads lining up to cop the newest Jordan retros.

Designed to perform

FIGS approached Lineage for help redesigning a campaign for their FIONLITE™ line, a limited edition style of scrubs made of ultralightweight, heavy-duty performance tech fabric. Though they had some campaign materials already in play, FIGS asked us to quickly reimagine a new color scheme and layout for their email marketing campaign. The resulting work outperformed the designs from their other partners.

FIONLITE promo email


After the success of the email marketing redesign, FIGS called on Lineage again to design an outdoor ad campaign to run in NYC and LA. The campaign, which ran at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaffirmed FIGS’ commitment to the “Awesome Humans” that put their health at risk to save lives in their communnities.

FIGS OOH campaign
FIGS newspaper ad

Advocacy campaign

Fit to print

That collaboration went so well that FIGS later entrusted Lineage with a far more sensitive project: an advocacy campaign around the RaDonda Vaught court case. Vaught, a former nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, became the focus of a national conversation about patient safety and protection for nurses when she was charged with criminally negligent homicide for an on-the-job error.

Inspired by Vaught’s story, FIGS engaged Lineage to develop a print advocacy campaign calling for better working conditions for healthcare professionals and cautioning against the repercussions of punishing them for doing their job. The ads ran in newspapers across Tennessee and other metropolitan news outlets, contributing to an important discourse on nurses’ rights and demonstrating FIGS’ commitment to supporting and championing healthcare workers far beyond their sartorial options.


PIP PIP Hooray

For the launch of PIPS, an innovative ear relief system designed to make all-day masking comfortable for medical professionals, we created this video featuring supersized 3D renderings of the product made in-house.

A bunch of sellouts

For FIGS’ brilliant new Optic White collection, we developed a look and feel to support their email marketing campaign. Our stunning designs generated overwhelming sales, resulting in the men’s line selling out within 48 hours.


Feel the heat

This dynamic launch video for FIGS’ Packable Puffer showcases a product built for healthcare professionals who are always on the move.