Enhancing the subscriber experience with rich content for the biggest properties & events on TV



Amidst industry trends like cord-cutting and the streaming boom, DIRECTV and parent company AT&T distinguish themselves with a premium subscriber experience, including second-screen content that takes watching TV to another level. To support these efforts, Lineage developed and executed comprehensive content marketing plans around major television properties and tentpole events.

In addition to our talented in-house writing stable, we sourced and managed a team of journalists with bylines at major publications, then paired the articles with multimedia and interactive content. Combined with social and email marketing efforts, our content helped drive subscription and retention, while the relaunched website became a valuable SEO tool and brand asset in its own right.

House Lannister collage

Game of Thrones

Throughout its eight seasons, “GoT” furnished some of the most watched, anticipated, and rapturously discussed television of all time. To help generate lucrative new HBO subscriptions and add value for current subscribers, Lineage created reactive and evergreen content around the show’s final two seasons. Along with staples like morning-after recaps, we developed fan-centric deep dives: a musicological breakdown of the show’s score; post-battle analyses; a character study, and then obituary, of Daenerys Targaryen. We even interviewed the cast during the red carpet Season 8 premiere. Spoiler alert: they were disappointingly tight-lipped with spoilers, and Pedro Pascal is even cooler in person.

International women's soccer players

Women’s World Cup

The 2019 Women’s World Cup was one of the most heavily anticipated sporting events of the year. Viewers tuned in at a record high to see the  U.S. Women’s National Team repeat as champs, turning their place atop the final podium into an international platform to discuss gender equity. Lineage developed evergreen and reactive content to inform and enhance the viewing experience, including round-by-round recaps, team capsules, and a hand-illustrated animated history of the USWNT.


From Title IX to 2019

Major moments in USWNT history

Shark Week

For WarnerMedia’s soon-to-be sister-in-law Discovery, Shark Week is an annual marquee programming event. Lineage developed a multimedia content suite for viewers looking to really sink their teeth (sorry) into the fin-tastic (really sorry) programming.

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Better than chum

Our Agency creative director, a former chef, developed these “Shark Bite” cupcakes as part of a 3-part Shark Week-themed recipe series.

Always-on programming

Besides tentpole coverage, we contributed a steady drumbeat of rich editorial content covering everything from emerging trends to niche topics in pop culture and sports, all with an eye toward serving passionate fans (and avid media consumers). Anyone can drop the name Fellini into unprompted bar conversation. But did you know Margot Robbie’s most star-worthy turn might be in a movie you’re most likely to watch on a plane? And what can you say about the contextual and literal backgrounds to her performance as Sharon Tate in “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood?” If you want to be an expert on representations of voodoo in film, learn the weirdest things stolen from traveling soccer players, or take a five-part journey into the last decade of NBA basketball, come talk to us.