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Crafting a new identity for an industry-leading media management platform

The story

Ateliere Creative Technologies is a leading digital media supply chain and distribution company. From their beginnings as Ownzones, a white-label OTT platform enabling media networks to create custom streaming apps, Ateliere has since evolved into a completely cloud-native, end-to-end content delivery system. Today, their tools and services help media organizations manage, transform, package, and deliver video content to hundreds of global content platforms and services like Apple TV, Netflix, and Roku. To bring their new brand vision to life, the company needed a partner that not only understood the importance of their mission, but shared their dedication to craft.

Ateliere logo

Finding the perfect name

Let’s workshop it

Our first challenge? Landing on the right name for the new venture. We worked hand-in-hand with Ateliere to hone a list of suggestions based on their core values and history, as well as more practical concerns: How does it play internationally? What’s the copyright situation? Is the domain name available?

To hear founder and CEO Dan Goman tell it, landing on the right name was more agonizing than naming his own children. During the last of several Zoom sessions spent bouncing near-misses off one another, one struck a chord: “Atelia,” derived from the French atelier, a craftsman’s workshop or studio. Dan was instantly transported back to his home country of Romania and the times he’d visited his family’s clockmaking studio—in the local language, an ateliere.

Where great work happens

The name reflects the perfect fusion of technology, art, and good old-fashioned craftsmanship, positioning Ateliere as the platform where great creative work happens.

From name to identity

With the name decided, we were off and running on the rest of the brand work. We collaborated with the newly re-christened company to create a new logo, choose colors and fonts, articulate voice and tone, and standardize visual vocabulary.

Then, we built their new company brand book and communications guidelines from the ground up. Drawing on our initial competitive analysis, we helped Ateliere define their audience and consulted on detailed customer archetypes. From there, we helped identify top priorities for each category and tailor key messaging around those needs.

Ateliere services diagram

Brand book

Ready for launch

In mid-2021, Ateliere debuted the new brand with a suite of original assets. The centerpiece and most important sales asset is their website, for which we developed custom imagery, animations, and copy in accordance with the new brand. (It also uses flexible, modular WordPress Gutenberg blocks, just like our own site).

Complementary materials include a brand explainer video, white paper, and sales collateral like decks and one-sheeters.

The entire effort was the result of a collaborative creative process, inspired by a dedication to craftsmanship. For us, like Ateliere, it’s all about the work.


Brand explainer

With first-of-its-kind technology for moving media content to the cloud,  Ateliere swims against the “stream.” We broke down the company’s innovative mission with clear, catchy visuals to help convey what they do and how they do it.

Conquering the Globe(e)

In July 2022, buoyed by their sleek new branding, Ateliere won a prestigious Globee in the 2nd Annual Disruptor Company Awards. This honor, bestowed by a judging panel of industry experts from across the globe, recognizes the company’s unparalleled disruption in the media and entertainment industry.