You may have noticed…

...we changed our name and updated our look. How could we do this to you?

…we changed our name and updated our look. For one thing, it was time. And for another, we want you to see all of our best work, front and center.

Maybe you got to know us as “Lineage Interactive.” You’ll be happy to know we’re the same us. Same company, same work ethic, same innovation. Wait. Not the same innovation. Innovated innovation.

Yes, we still make cool stuff that happens to be interactive. But over the last few years, we’ve found ourselves getting into more and more types of digital content: social graphics, original video series, media buying, branding, and creative strategy.

With that in mind, Lineage Digital better represents our past, our present, and our future.

We’re doing more top-level branding, more broad-ranging social strategy, and more high-quality original video production. We’re making more beautiful graphics, motion graphics, and animations all the time.

So watch this space and @lineagedigital everywhere else for more digital content. Some of it will be interactive.