A celebration of liberation


You may not be at work today, but the work continues.

As an agency, we tell stories every day. We also recognize what stories we’re qualified to tell. With that in mind, we were honored to have artist Sabine Quetant create a piece that honors the meaning of the Juneteenth holiday.

Artist’s statement

I am a black woman surrounded by the pain, frustration, and anger of my community. Also, I am a black woman surrounded by the unyielding love, hope and perseverance of my people. On this Juneteenth, I celebrate the revolutionary joy I witness every day. Children curious and unencumbered, black love open and abounding, families whole and thriving. On this Juneteenth, I feel freedom in living the life we’ve fought for and are still fighting for now.  Living that life today because living and dancing and joy is an act of revolution too!