Content upcycling: an evergreen approach that’s especially timely now

Here's one way to make the most of your content investment in any environment.

In our initial statement on COVID-19, we reaffirmed our commitment to offering our clients thoughtful solutions as they navigate this time. Business may have slowed in some sectors, but it hasn’t stopped—and if you’re like us, you’re keeping the lights on for your employees as well as your customers.

Of course, circumstances have forced companies to scrutinize, and likely reduce, their marketing expenses. We can still help you make the most of whatever investment you’re willing to make. It might mean new spending—or it might mean repurposing your existing content to multiply your assets and make “old” seem “new” again.

We call it content upcycling: repurposing existing content to make brand-new content.

The upshot of upcycling your content

Being able to publish new content, especially content that communicates how you’re serving your customers right now, is an essential part of any comms strategy. But you may or may not be able to produce new photos, videos, or graphic designs.

We can help you repurpose your content if:

  • You want to keep publishing
  • You want to keep publishing, but don’t have the budget for new assets
  • You want to keep publishing, but physically can’t produce new assets under social distancing guidelines
  • You have a library of photo, video, or graphic assets that are now dated
  • You have photo or video assets you’ve never used
  • Some of your content is no longer relevant or on brand
  • Some of your content needs to be replaced or updated to reflect current conditions
  • Your oldest content is so old, your customers might not have seen it before.

How we can repurpose your content

In every case, we take libraries of client assets like photos, videos, and even existing graphic assets, and edit them into a slate of new assets that meet present-day brand objectives. Here’s some of what we can do:

Kobalt Tools

E-commerce photos → Custom graphics

Since the beginning of our partnership with Lowe’s in-house tool brand Kobalt, we’ve repurposed product photography originally intended for e-commerce pages, or “silos,” into polished social assets.

Know Your OTCs is a non-profit resource that gives consumers the information and tools they need to safely use, store, and dispose of over-the-counter healthcare products. We gave their existing content a refresh to make it more engaging and applicable for a wider variety of digital platforms.

Fox Sports

Licensed images → Custom imagery

As licensees of professional sports leagues and teams, the Fox regional sports networks can use in-game footage and photos in their marketing efforts. We transform them into unique assets for their social feeds that make them stand out amongst all the sports content out there.

We’ve also transformed broadcast content into high-performing social assets—read (and watch) more about our original animated series, “About Trout.”

Now that you’re up to speed on upcycling, contact us to see how we can help you maximize your content investment.