About us

Here we are.

Here we create meaning. Distill it from knowledge, wisdom, expertise, and creativity. Pluck it from thin air. To the center of this boundless arena we draw our clients, our audience, and our people. None of us share the same motivation. None of us invite the same challenge. None of us do it alone. Together we cultivate enduring relationships, undeniable resonance, work that’s worth working for. We strike a chord, a pose, a deal, a nerve.
Here we craft magnetic.


Since the day I founded the business in my apartment, the work has been about the people. Every time we add a new person to our team or a new client to our roster, I see a universe of creativity and possibility. Each new perspective makes our output richer and more valuable—while reducing the imprint of any one person.

I’m also personally reluctant to be the face of the agency. Taking credit for our entire body of work would be intellectually dishonest. It would also be unfair to my people and our partners.

So with all that in mind, we created Linney, an alien robot. Linney stands in for Lineage, the company, and the group of individuals who work here. She represents all of us, and she can grow, adapt, and evolve along with our work and our people.

Though Linney has come to represent Lineage as a whole, we first envisioned her as a way to share our origin story. Linney comes from a planet called AR58 in a faraway galaxy. AR are my mother’s initials, and 58 was her age when she was taken from us by pancreatic cancer. She was my best friend: a brilliant, successful entrepreneur who helped us architect a foundation for the company we have today. Her mentorship and support in those tough startup days are the reason we’re still here.

My mother is also the reason we take the lead daily from a dynamic group of women who lead us, ground us, keep us sharp, and give us our backbone. She inspired our team and instilled the grit we needed to grow in a competitive landscape, and, to honor her, I never want us to lose that quality.

We animated the story of Linney—the galaxy, the robot, the space travel—here.

It’s a good story, but Linney doesn’t just represent where (and who) we come from. She is also who we are and where we’re headed.

Watch Linney’s Story